We are a philanthropic 501(c)(3) organization focused on primary needs including food, shelter, healthcare, and education.

"I truly believe that when you bring together both education and philanthropic work, at the heart of them both, you will find empathy for our fellow man."
Libby Mitchell, President, The Indium Corporation & Macartney Family Foundation
Libby Mitchell

Libby Mitchell

Born and raised in Clinton, NY, Libby Mitchell has a strong passion for her home community and those that continually support Indium Corporation and its employees. As President of The Indium Corporation & Macartney Family Foundation, Libby employs her extensive experience in education, having previously served as Director of Development for Mount Tamalpais School in the San Francisco area, Teacher and Coach at The Millbrook School in the Hudson Valley, and Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at Trevor Day School in New York City.

Libby earned a bachelor’s degree in Public Policy from Hamilton College in 1995 and a Master of Education in Administrative Education from Columbia University in 2002.

Currently residing in Northern California with her husband and two young children, Libby enjoys hiking, traveling, running, cooking and exploring all that is the outdoors in Northern California.

Libby, hug


Applicants must meet the following criteria to receive support from The Indium Corporation & Macartney Family Foundation:

The Indium Corporation & Macartney Family Foundation’s philanthropic work is focused on these four primary needs; however, should your organization’s mission fall outside these guidelines, please take a few moments to explain how the Foundation could be of assistance.

The deadline to submit applications for 2023 has passed. Please check our site within the next few months and we will open applications for 2024.

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